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Your health deserves the highest quality care

Clark Miller, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

When we work together, you’ll get that - uncompromised integrity of personal, individualized therapy with the skills of a licensed, published substance use and behavioral health expert. I draw on more than a decade of direct practice experience in diverse settings with children, families and adults to offer individualized support for personal change that is established as effective. 


Trained originally in biology & research, my practice is grounded in understanding and commitment to therapies that work – as established by research, not by tradition or managed healthcare industries or business models. What works most of all are personalized patient-centered therapy interactions that feel right: understanding, trustful, unrushed, collaborative, and empowering. In my field of clinical social work we say, Healing is Relational. 


 Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Oregon LCSW License 5461

Healthy kids become healthy adults

I like working with  kids and their families, and draw on over a decade of specialized training and experience, including certification in Therapy with Adoptive Families.

Young people experience the same behavioral and emotional challenges as adults including anxiety, depressed mood, trauma-related symptoms, and other conditions. 

As needed, I work in coordination with medical providers, schools, and social services. 

Working with children and their caregivers –

  • As young as 2 years, with parents and families

  • In consultation with their schools as needed 

  • In adoptive families or protective placements

  • On effects of emotional injury or trauma

  • Developing effective and therapeutic parenting skills 

  • Also working with adolescents and teenagers 

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Adult therapy - your goals are the start on a pathway to change 

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I’ve worked over the past decade and a half with adults of all ages on a full range of emotional, behavioral and relational needs.


Contact me and we’ll discuss how we can work together on your behavioral health goals. 

A special interest and area of expertise is treatment of compulsive substance use – of all types.


Substance use is neither a disease nor psychiatric disorder, instead an attempt to cope with distressing inner states and circumstances. 

As an alternative to ineffective traditional models and approaches, I’m trained and experienced to provide the personalized individual therapies established by research as effective. 

Addressing -

  • Sadness, worries, social anxiety, fears, panic, and post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Major mental illnesses including psychosis and mood disturbance, bipolar disorders

  • Specializing in problem substance use of all types including opioids, smoking and food

  • Anger, stress, irritability, sleep problems

  • Relationships including parent-child, couple, family and marriage

  • Life transitions and stressful adjustments  

Physical health is about emotional and behavioral health

We can work together effectively on the emotional, motivational and behavioral factors established to help with concerns and health conditions like – 

  • Chronic Pain and its complex causes

  • Overweight, obesity, inactivity

  • Pre-diabetes, diabetes and hypertension

  • Overeating, other compulsive behaviors

  • Childhood elimination issues

Science supports the Wholistic Philosophy “The Body Follows the Mind” and therapy is often key to managing stress and other inner states driving physical complaints.

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By Phone: (971) 324-0061

Voicemails are checked every day.

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